PGT series thermally conductive pad

Model No. PGT series thermally conductive pad

CoolGMTM PGT series thermally conductive pad has excellent conformability, high thermal conductivity, self-adhesiveness and excellent insulation. It can fill the surface gap of irregular parts under low pressure conditions, and achieve insulation, heat transfer and shock absorption. It can meet the design requirements of miniaturization and ultra-thinness of equipment, and has a wide range of thickness. It is an excellent heat-conductive filling material widely used in electronic and electrical products.

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Product Description

Features and advantages:
⚫  Good thermal conductivity, low thermal impedance

⚫  High compression resilience, soft and conformable 

⚫  Excellent insulation

⚫  Smooth surface, self-adhesive

⚫  High deformation quantity
⚫  Good temperature resistance

⚫  UL94 V-0 flame retardant performance

⚫  Environmentally friendly, eco-friendly

⚫  Heating element

⚫  New energy power battery, power equipment

⚫  Power semiconductor, consumer electronics

⚫  Optical fiber and other communication equipment

⚫ Drone, medical devices

Product specifications:
⚫  Length and width dimensions: 400 mm × 400 mm, can be customized according to customer requirements
⚫  Product thickness: 0.5~8 mm, to meet different application needs
⚫  Reinforcement material: can be reinforced with glass fiber 

Basic physical properties of the PGT series:

The above data is the average of the overall test, you can contact our company to provide more technical information.


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