SGT series thermally conductive pouring sealant

Model No. SGT series thermally conductive pouring sealant

CoolGMTM EGT series is a kind of two-component addition molding silicone thermally conductive pouring sealant product, which can be cured at room temperature (or high temperature) and is specially developed according to the requirements of heat dissipation of industrial parts.

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Product Description

Features and advantages:
⚫  Two-component formula for easy storage
⚫  Curing at room temperature (or high temperature)

⚫  No corrosion to metals
⚫  Self-adhesive product for bonding aluminum, stainless steel, polycarbonate and nylon
⚫  Stable performance in the temperature range of -40 ° C ~ 200 ° C
⚫ UL94 V-0 flame retardant performance

⚫  Sealing of high-end precision electronic components such as LEDs, diodes, and sensors

⚫  Potting inside new energy power battery
⚫  Independent component to housing

⚫  Optical fiber communication equipment
⚫  Other potting applications

Instructions for use: 
1、Preparation: Be sure to mix the glue stock up and down before use
2、Weighing: Weigh A and B components according to the weight ratio of 1:1.
3、Mixing: Mix the two parts of the compound thoroughly, preferably using a special mixing equipment.
4、Defoaming: Vacuum defoaming in a special mixing equipment.
5、Filling and vulcanization: Pour the prepared sealant into the parts that need to be sealed. Allow to stand at room temperature, naturally vulcanize, or heat to accelerate vulcanization.

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