Guangmai gathers talents in the industry to form very strong R&D capabilities enabling us to file a lot of patents for polyurethane foam materials and silicone foam materials. We have world-class laboratory with advanced testing equipment to innovate new technologies and at the same time to ensure product quality. We broke long-term monopoly of foreign companies in China market, and have become the forerunner and leader of the industry.

R&D Capabilities
  • Laboratory

    Our company has invested millions yuan in construction of key laboratories to form basic research capabilities. We acquired many advanced R&D instruments and testing equipment from home and overseas. We paid close attention in cultivating research talents and recruiting technical personnel to promote our innovation, research and development capabilities.

  • Development

    With our R&D capabilities, we can work very closely with customers’ R&D to provide them with customized products according to customer needs. So far, we have successfully developed MicroCFoam® polyurethane foam and MicroES® silicone foam with various thicknesses, firmness and applications.

  • Application Research

    In application capabilities, our company is market-oriented and can provide customers with comprehensive solutions for shock absorption and damping, water sealing, thermal management, electromagnetic management in handheld electronic devices, automotive new energy and railway market.

Testing Equipment
  • ROHS tester

  • scanning electron microscope

  • programmable temperature and humidity chamber

  • high temperature aging test chamber

  • vibration tester

  • reciprocating friction testing machine

  • high pressure water leak tester

  • falling-ball impact tester, compression stress relaxation tester

  • salt spray test chamber

  • compression test machine

  • universal testing machine (SHIMADZU)

  • universal testing machine (INSTRON)

  • air-leakage detector

  • thickness gauge, Electronic platform scale, Electronic hydrometer